Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's try and find some Longley's

So here's the challenge.  Let's put all our skills together and try and find someone in the Longley family.  They would love to find a tribute to Prof.  I am going to start a new thread on face  on face book about him.  Maybe we can get some feedback.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can it still happen?

The last few weeks have been so exciting.  So many people have been on the Cw site on face book. we all share some of the same, yet different memories.  It is amazing to me how one small place had such an impact on so many lives.   We were blessed with the friends, comraderie, and the basic good time we all had together.  Different years, maybe, different generations, for sure, but the same basic experience.  Does it exist today?  Several of you on face book talk about finding the same type of experience for your children.  I pray it is out there.  I wish I had pushed harder for it for my children.  Maybe, the experiences of CW are getting back to the values we need to get to in today's world.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Fire Lighting Ceremony:

Head counselor lights a single candle
"Although this is a tiny light, and lights only a small area, we can all see it. Each of us knows that it is tiny beacon to all of us. But this tiny light can grow, can be multiplied if our counselors come now to join it."

All counselor candles are lit by the H.C. one by one
"Now the light is brighter. It lights a bigger area and we can see more than before. But this light is only a beginning. For once there is light and people willing to share it, it will grow, and though it is shared it will become bigger, greater, until all who want can have light."

Counselors in turn begin lighting camper candles
"See how fast the light can spread. Notice how well we can see their smiles and their actions. And others can see our light. As this light brightens this council ring, our light can brighten our lives and the lives of others. The smallest light held by the least of us is important to the whole world."

Counselors then ready to light the bonfire
"Now we will light our council fire with this same light that has grown from such a tiny flame."
. . .and then, if memory serves me correctly, we sang "Each Campfire Lights Anew."
Thanks to Cindy McGrath

Cabin Names

Help me fill in the blanks!  The cabins changed names after Prof arrived.

Cuddle Inn - Mohawk - Apache
Chuckle Inn - Blackfoot - Cheyenne
Tumble Inn - Merrimac - Commanche
Pop Inn - Shoshoni - Sioux
Pawnee - Dakota
Noah's Ark - Iroquios - Shawnee
Cherokee - Dakota
Cayuga - Navaho/Nevada
Counselor's Lounge - Seneca 
and . . . .what did we end up with????  the storage area under the lodge.  My oh my -those early counselors had it great!


I heard from Cindy McGrath today.  How exciting!  The flood of memories that came rushing back were incredible.  I agree with Cindy, my spirituality was also nourished at camp.  There is a wonderful exchange going on in facebook.  Lots of photos that have been shared and just a good trip down memory road.  Go take a peek.  

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Do you remember the crazy cam songs.  You can google camp songs and get just about any lyric you want.  ti teach school and still teach them to my students.  What are your favorites.  here are a few of mine;
Each Campfire lights Anew
John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
Dem Bones
Do Lord

A Former Camper's Memories

I finally had a reply from a former camper. Thanks Stacy for taking the time to email me.  I am posting your email.  It is wonderful to share these wonderful memories.  Sad to think of an era in time that has gone by.  When I think that my 83 year old mother was a camper there, and  now the camp is an all-American housing development, nostalgia takes over.  Here is Stacy's email:
Hi Liz,
I found your site while looking for info on Camp.
I went for many years on and off, and memories came flooding back to me this afternoon, when my two sons were telling me about their day at camp, and how each day starts at the flagpole.
I think I first went in 74, and my last year was 82 or 83. Though once in the 89s came around, there were less campers, and the place was starting to show its age.
Another camper and close friend of mine, was house hunting in 1990, they drove out to a house in Hanson, and boy was she surprised when they pulled up and the house was in the old kickball fiels.

Many years and many miles away now, but it seems like yesterday.

Thanks Stacy for your memories.  Please feel free to share more.  It was heartwarming to hear your response.  Liz